Keep your home, office, or investment Safe, Healthy and Compliant!

For your peace of mind, use Meth Test Brisbane, a meth inspection and cleaning service covering Brisbane and the Gold Coast for your house and property inspection.

Keep your home, office, or investment Safe, Healthy and Compliant!

For your peace of mind, use Meth Test Brisbane, a meth inspection and cleaning service covering Brisbane and the Gold Coast for your house and property inspection.


Meth Inspection & Remedial Decontamination Services in Brisbane

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Meth Testing and Inspection

Unlike basic swab tests that only provide a simple positive or negative result, meth field tests are conducted by qualified professional testers who thoroughly test all of the most likely areas of a house. The optimum places to gather samples for meth residue are any areas where high airflow generally occurs, including (but not limited to) window reveals or doorways. We also encourage real estate agents who are going to do two meth tests for determining if a tenant has meth in the house, that a field test (aka rapid test) should be used on the rangehood and above the bed head on the wall of the master bedroom. Field testing is critical for establishing a positive or negative indication prior to proceeding to lab testing.


Meth Cleanup and Decontamination

Any property contaminated by methamphetamine residue, (whether from manufacturing or heavy smoking), can potentially create major health issues for any occupants. This necessitates property cleanup and decontamination asap. This can range from a generally heavy cleanup (for low readings) to the removal of wall surfaces (high readings). We offer both types of thorough cleanups and decontamination.

Wall examination

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Five Reasons to Meth Test


Methamphetamine (aka meth – ice) is an insidious drug that is unfortunately unforgiving, and you don’t want to have to pay for someone else’s bad choice.


Ice could be much closer than you could even imagine, so getting that investment property (or even a potential new property purchase) regularly meth-tested is a must.


If you’re considering renting or purchasing any property,

you need to be wary of possible meth residue issues from what’s known as a “meth lab” or from excessive use on the property.


About 65% of meth labs are in residential properties, so when purchasing rental properties, having them professionally tested is a crucial step.


Within minutes we can give a positive or negative indication of meth use. We can then proceed to lab analysis (takes about three working days) which will determine the extent of meth residue contamination, whether it’s from light use, heavy use, or manufacturing.


Special Hints For

Dealing With Possible Meth Residue Contamination in Houses, Offices, and


So, who should consider getting a meth residue drug test? Everybody from homebuyers to homeowners, landlords, tenants, and even real

estate agents should get a meth residue drug test to ensure public safety.

Why does a house need a meth test? Because the fact is that one in every ten houses is likely to present a positive meth contamination result.

Meth Test Brisbane offers a Meth Beware Program for real estate and property managers. As key persons in this field, you could be putting yourself and others in a very dangerous (or even fatal) position.

Ignorance is defined as “a lack of knowledge or information.” This lack could get someone hurt or killed. So get in touch with us now to enquire about this special program.

Did you know that…

Methamphetamine (aka ice) is the most consumed illicit drug in all of Australia?

are spent by Aussies in illegal drug use
of Meth are consumed by Aussies every year
in the use of Meth Australia-wide in a span of three years
in the use of Meth in QLD in a span of three years

The Drug of Choice

Did you know that the methamphetamine use level in Queensland is the highest in all of Australia? The fact is that meth has quickly become Queensland’s drug of choice, accounting for approximately 50 percent of all drug use in the country.

Covert meth labs are usually set up in residential homes. So, in the event that you’re purchasing a residential or rental home previously used as a meth lab, then it would be rather short-sighted of you not to have the property professionally tested for meth residue contamination.

Meth preparing on tiny bags
Estate agent presenting new project to happy couple

If you are going to lease a house for your family to live in, you should inquire about the last time that it was tested. This question often elicits a wide range of responses, from amusing to downright scary.

As this particular safety issue starts to gain further recognition, real estate agents will probably start testing properties regularly. And, mandatory testing upon selling, exiting or vacating a property can’t be too far away.

The why and the wherefore include major health issues that could potentially be caused by unknowingly moving into a home with a high meth contamination level.

Meth contamination can cause the complete crash of your immune system. For example, you might start becoming sick more often for what seems to be no apparent reason. This could include asthma attacks, dizziness, headaches, lack of energy, respiratory infections, or skin rashes. 

Meth Screenings Prior to Purchasing Properties

If you’re adding to your rental property portfolio or purchasing any house in Australia for your family to live in, then a pre-purchase screening for meth residue contamination could help you to ensure that you’re not renting or purchasing a house that’s hiding some serious invisible trouble.

Remember, contamination testing at pre-purchase may save you a bucket load of money and trouble.

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Whether you’re renting, buying or selling your own home or you’re an investor, property manager or real estate agent managing several properties, Meth Test Brisbane can surely help.


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