Meth Inspection

What does a meth inspection involve?

This is the beginning of the process; the Meth Test Brisbane team are requested to complete an inspection in a home or property where there is suspected methamphetamine

use (past or present).

We can also be called to a property /premises or dwelling where meth has been manufactured; commonly known as meth labs or a clandestine lab.

Meth Testing for real estates is the larger percentage of our revenue. We can attend a property within 24-48 hours on most occasions. Real estate offices from Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast rely on our quick and efficient response to the many Meth Testing job orders that are issued.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is incredibly important to avoid the meth residue, chemicals and meth contamination coming into contact with the skin. The Meth Test Brisbane team will be fully kitted in protective suits because meth can be so potent and can be absorbed easily, with the possibility of making people very sick.

If you come into contact with Methamphetamine residue, you may experience adverse symptoms such as throat irritation, breathing difficulties, headaches, skin conditions, allergic reactions, and over the longer term, (months) sickness and mental health problems.

Technician in PPE

We come prepared and fully-equipped.

The Meth Test Brisbane team are trained in wearing the correct protective clothing and equipment and always take the utmost care when testing for Meth and remediating methamphetamine residue. This includes always wearing gloves and changing gloves between tests to ensure there is no chance of cross-contamination of meth from one meth test to another meth test in a different room.

Arriving at the home or property, to test for meth, the Meth Test Brisbane team will start by completing an initial walk through of the property for security and to familiarize ourselves with the space. There are some triggers / signs that help our team identify what areas or rooms might be best to take samples and/or test for meth.

We comply with industry set standards.

In accordance with NIOSH 9111 standards, the Meth Test Brisbane

team will prepare and complete Rapid Meth tests. This involves swabbing a 10x10cm area on the wall, that is then dipped into a buffer and added to a cassette which indicates a positive or negative reading for contamination, much like a pregnancy test. More

information on NIOSH 9111 Standards here.

If a negative result appears on the cassette after 5 minutes, our trained team are confident that there is no presence of meth residue above .5 micrograms. The cassettes are calibrated in Australia at .5 (safe Level) micrograms.

All aspects of the Rapid Tests are recorded photographically and documented for the report. Where the Rapid meth testing shows a positive result, Forensic Lab Testing is required.

Wall examination

Forensic lab testing

The ‘labs’ require moving the 10cmx10cm

template to a position adjacent to where the Rapid tests were taken. We use a methanol and using a methanol wipe in accordance with NIOSH 9111 sampling.

All swab tests are carefully placed in a labeled tube, and the lids are sealed with a tamper proof label. These tubes are carefully documented and are then ready to be sent to a NATA accredited laboratory where the level of methamphetamine contamination can be determined.

The entire process is photographed to provide evidence to show the sample taken, against the square

template and another photo to provide context/position of the meth test site. The analysis provides a level of contamination specified in micrograms (ug) per 100cm2. The safe level in accordance with the Australian guidelines is .5ug (per 100cm2). The results of analysis are emailed, and the quantitative level of contamination provides a basis to create the report and a Remedial Action Plan (RAP), should one be needed.

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