Meth Testing

Who requires meth testing?

Whether you’re renting, buying or selling your own home or you’re an investor, property manager or real estate agent managing several properties, Meth Test Brisbane can definitely help.

More often than not we are hearing from Property Managers when they are completing an exit report for a rental property.

If there are signs or evidence the home has been used to manufacture meth or where drugs may have been used, they will often ask that the Meth Test Brisbane team complete meth testing to ensure the home is safe to be re-tenanted.

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Meth Beware Program

Are you a property manager? Get in touch to find out more about our Meth Beware program which is aimed at arming staff in the real estate industry with the knowledge and tools to identify potential meth houses and tenants affected by drugs.

We also receive enquiries from clients who are hoping to buy a home, as part of a pre-purchase inspection they will often add meth testing for peace of mind and assurance that the home is free of methamphetamine residue.

Tenants may also approach their letting agent to request a home is tested for meth. This can come after pro-longed sickness or other persistent symptoms that arise when someone lives in home that is contaminated by meth. Check out the full list of symptoms here.

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Our Decontamination & Cleaning Service

Once a property has tested positive to having methamphetamine residue contamination, there is a duty of care to have the premises remediated (particularly if the property is a place of residence i.e. rental home).

The Meth Test Brisbane team will provide a remediation solution and plan for decontamination and cleaning. Our team have tested both residential and commercial buildings over the years and have found surprising results where most wouldn’t imagine meth has been present – you can never be too safe.

Do not be fooled – we use the word cleaning lightly, but this is not a job for the faint hearted. The Meth Test Brisbane team are trained to utilize the correct chemical, a remediation and decontamination required hours of intense labor.

House decontamination

What properties require meth testing?

We partner with many local Real Estate agencies and property managers who contact us regularly to have the properties they manage tested for Methamphetamine.

If a tenant abandons a rental home and there is suspicion that the home has either been used to manufacture meth or been a place where methamphetamine has been used or smoked.

Our team have created a program specifically to arm property managers of the signs to be aware of when inspecting a home where there is suspected meth use. Find out More about Meth Beware Program here.

The Meth Test Brisbane Team receive calls and emails from responsible homeowners who are looking to sell their investment property and suspect meth may have been used in the investment property.

More often, houses are being tested for meth at point of purchase because the awareness of this issue is rising. As potential buyers are

contracting for building and pest inspections as part of the house buying process, drug testing is also being done.

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Why do a house meth test?

If your house has been used by previous tenants as a location to use / smoke or manufacture methamphetamine. It will create serious health issues for you and your family.

Testing for the presence of Meth is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. If you buy a house that has previously been used to smoke meth or manufacture meth, this could cost a further bucket load of dollars on top of the purchase price of your house.

If your house requires the removal of all gyprock and fixtures, a total gutting of the house, how much will it cost to re-instate? Generally, between $50,000 – $100,000 may put your new house into an equity negative situation. How much does drug testing cost? Generally, around $300.