Meth Cleaning

The next step if you need a meth cleanup

What to do if your property has been contaminated by the production of meth

Once Methtest Brisbane has conducted the initial testing, you’ll get a presumptive yes/no, to confirm meth contamination. Once this happens, forensic lab testing is conducted to confirm the quantity or level of meth contamination.

The actual meth clean up varies depending on the size of the property and the extent of contamination. From the result of the forensic lab testing and the inspection report, Methtest Brisbane will create a RAP, or remediation action report. This is a detailed quotation for the meth clean up, or the meth remediation process.

Professional testing chemical

What is involved in a meth decontamination?

At Methtest Brisbane our meth clean-up services use specialist equipment, chemicals and methods that guarantee fast and effective results, allowing you to re-let, or move in fast. In the clean up process Methtest Brisbane vacuum all surfaces with HEPA filtration before using high alkaline to wash down all surfaces to remove grease and grime. We then use a specialised foaming agent to wash all surfaces, finishing the job with another high alkaline washdown. The level of meth contamination will depend on how many times the foaming treatment is done. In most cases there will be three foam wash downs.

Our meth clean up methods meet leading industry standards and is registered and applies the Australian Government’s Clandestine Laboratory Remediation Guidelines 2011

Despite what some companies in this industry would have you believe, there is no existing government registered & endorsed organisation or association for meth testing or remediation. Those that say otherwise, make it part of their own agenda.

Will I have to replace fixtures and fittings?

Our expert team will work with you before and after the clean up and provide you with a Remediation Action Plan. The RAP will detail all aspects of the meth clean up and what needs to be done to complete an efficient and successful decontamination.

In many cases, soft furnishings like curtains and carpets may need to be removed as part of the meth decontamination, however electrical fixtures like air conditioning units and fans can be maintained.

Wall examination

Do I need to employ a specialist decontamination team ?

 Even at low levels, meth residue can lead to the accumulation of harmful toxins on surfaces and contents. Experts say that even at low levels, meth residue can cause trouble sleeping, skin disorders and behavioural problems in young children. The residue can last for years after being deposited leading to short and long-term health effects that range from serious headaches and allergic responses, to unexplained rashes, respiratory complications, and psychological disorders.

If you try to decontaminate the property yourself, you may unknowingly inhale the dangerous toxins. Trained professionals always wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including a respirator, coveralls, gloves, eyewear, and boot covers to decontaminate safely. By doing it yourself, you may create further damage to your items which may cost more to repair than the initial quote for a professional meth decontamination.

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